Pra Somdej Thaan Singh 2495 BE Niyom Rare Master Class Amulet, of the Great Luang Phu Nak, Wat Rakang Kositaram.

The Pra Somdej Thaan Singh is one of the very rarest of all amulets of Luang Phu Nak, and this particular exhibit, is in Absolutely Pristine Condition. This exhibit possesses ‘Nuea Graeng’ (time-hardened and condensed Muan Sarn clay), which is considered by amulet aficionados an aspect of great importance in the Dtamra Pra Somdej of the lineage of Abbots and Guru Masters of Wat Rakang Temple.

Somdej Thaan Singh - Luang Phu Nak - Wat Rakang Kositaram

Somdej Thaan Singh – Luang Phu Nak – Wat Rakang Kositaram

An all time classic and extremely rare preferred Pim Niyom amulet of this Master. The famous and highly preferred Pra Somdej Thaan Thaan Singh Pim Yai Masterclass amulet of Luang Phu Nak, of Wat Rakang Kositaram, was made in 2495 BE, using old broken amulets and sacred powders from the repository of Somdej Pra Puttajarn (Dto) Prohmrangsri Wat Rakang Kositaram. This exhibit has a very marbled stone like relief and is highly condensed with defined relief, which is referred to in the special vocabulary of the amulet community as ‘Nuea Graeng Doo Ngaay’ meaning ‘stone hard and easily recognisable’. The front face of the Pra Somdej Thaan Singh features a Buddha image sat meditating on top of a very high and tapered escalating Dais, with three tiers, and decorative legs on each tier of the dais, which are known as ‘Thaan Singh’ meaning ‘Lion Dais’

Pra Somdej Thaan Singh Luang Phu Nak Wat Rakang Kositaram

Pra Somdej Thaan Singh Luang Phu Nak Wat Rakang Kositaram

The Pra Somdej amulets made by Luang Phu Nak contained a massive quantity of crushed up Pra Somdej amulets made by Somdej Dto Prohmrangsri of Wat Rakang, which LP Nak had collected over the years from Looksit who brought their broken amulets to return to the Temple, as well as a sackful he found in the roof of the Prayer Room (‘Bote’ in Thai). They are thus the second choice of those wishing to possess the magic of Pra Somdej Wat Rakang of Somdej Pra Puttajarn (Dto) Prohmrangsri, but who can neither afford, nor find such unreachable amulets, which are only seen hanging around the necks of Millionaires. Luang Phu Nak believed that the Pra Somdej amulets made by Somdej Dto had inimitable magical qualities and special power within the Muan Sarn (sacred powder used to make the amulets), and because of the meditative power of Somdej Dto who blessed them.

Therefore apart from being made by one of Thailands great Master Gaeji Ajarn, and being an authentic ancient Wat Rakang Amulet from one of the Great Abbots of this Temple, it is also Doubly Sacred, for the fact that it contains original Somdej Dto Wat Rakang Amulets in the Sacred Powder mixture too. It is said by many, that Luang Phu Nak made the Pra Somdej Thaan Singh in emulation of Somdej Pra Puttajarn (Dto) Prohmrangsri’s legendary Pra Somdej made for Wat Lakorn Tam Temple

Luang Phu Nak & his Amulets

Luang Phu Nak & his Amulets

Somdej Toh Amulet Roop Lor

Sacred Loi Ongk Statuette (Roop Lor) of the Great Somdej Pra Puttajarn Toh Prohmrangsri of Wat Rakang Kositaram Anusorn, released in the ‘Anusorn 118 Pi’ Memorial Edition, at Wat Rakang Kositaram in 2533 BE

Somdej Toh Amulet Roop Lor

Somdej Toh Amulet Pim Roop Lor Anusorn 118 Pi Edition Loi Ongk Statuette 2533 BE

Maker; Wat Rakang Kositaram Somdej Pra Puttajarn (Dto) Prohmrangsri Foundation
Temple of Origin; Wat Rakang Kositaram
Year of Issue; 2533 BE
Type of Amulet; Loi Ongk Statuette
Magical Effects; Maha Lap, Metta Maha Niyom, Serm Duang, Klaew Klaad, Buddhanussati
Material; Nuea Loha
Recommended Uses; Increase Status, Protection, Lucky Fortunes, Improve Karma, Guru Worship
Edition; Anusorn 118 Pi
This Loi Ongk Statuette of the Great Guru Master Somdej Pra Puttajarn (Toh) Prohmrangsri is in pristine condition and an extremely rare item in the present day, made from Nuea Chanuan Loha Sacred Metal, with the code stamp of the Wat Rakang Kositaram Bell on the Monk’s Civara robe (rear side), with the Code stamp of the bell on the inside of the bottom of the base, along with the year of issue embossed (2533 BE). Its small size makes it not only a nice amulet for men, but is also a highly recommended amulet for ladies and children too.

The miniature Loi Ongk Statuette is extremely finely detailed in the resemblance of the Great Master, for Bucha to Somdej Pra Puttajarn Toh Prohmrangsri Wat Rakang Kositaram. The statuette measures 1.5 Cm wide Base x 2 Cm High x 1 Cm Thickness.

The base of the Loi Ongk Statuette has the words ‘Somdej Pra Puttajarn Toh Prohmrangsri Wat Rakang Kositaram inscribed encircling the whole circumference of the base of the statuette.

The Ceremony of the 118th Anniversary Edition was initiated by Somdej Prayan Sangworn Pra Sangarach Head Monk of Wat Bovorn and the Thai Sangha, with his Holiness performing the Lighting of the Victory Candle of the Buddha Abhiseka Chanting Ceremony (Dhamma Chakra), which is the Ritual of the Opening of the Eyes of the Buddha Image.

The Ceremony was performed on the 22nd of May, with his Holiness Prayan Sangworn Sangarach sitting in ‘Nang Prok’ Meditation to Emanate Metta within the Uposatha Shrine Room of Wat Rakang Kositaram .

The Purpose of this edition was to assist the Somdej Pra Puttajarn Toh Prohmrangsri Foundation to restore the Sala Bprian edifice which was built in the Ayuttaya Kingdom Era, bringing it back to its original condition, and to improve the Public Facilities within the enclave of the temple.

This edition also served to raise the funds available within the Somdej Pra Puttajarn Toh Prohmrangsri Foundation to enable it to keep up with its projects as was originally planned when the Foundation was formed. In addition, funds were needed to build a public utilities hall (Sala Anek Prasongk – Multi-Purpose Building), to use for the various needs of Buddhism, be it for visitors to rest in, hold Dhamma Sermons, or other purposes.

For these purposes, the permission to create this 118th Anniversary Edition was given by the Gammagarn Comittee of Wat Rakang Kositaram and 89 great Kanajarn Guru Master Monks were invited to perform Nang Prok Empowerment over the amulets, with some very great Monks present for this now Historic and Classic Edition;

1. Pra Pawana Kosala Thaera (Wat Pak Nam Pasi Jaroen) 2. Pra Yan Bodhi (Luang Por Khem) of Wat Sutat, 3. Pra Kroo Palad Dhamma Jaria Wattana (Luang Por Wichiar) of Wat Duan Khae 4. Pra Kroo Janta Kunaporn (Luang Por Jampa) of Wat Intarawas 5. Pra Kroo Wimon Dhamma Tada (Luang Por Thawin) of Wat Talad Bua Khaw 6. Pra Kroo Wiboon Silawatr (Luang Por Chuan) of Wat Hnang 7. Pra Kroo Sutti Dhamma Aajarn (Luang Por Kon) of Wat Chayapreuks Mala 8. Pra Kroo Udom Chodti Wattana (Luang Por At) of Wat Ongkaraks, in Supanburi 9. Pra Kroo Suntara Suwannagij (Luang Por Dee) of Wat Pra Roop, in Supanburi 10. Pra Kroo Sri Chalangka Sangworn (Luang Por Rerm) of Wat Juk Gracher in Chonburi 11. Pra Kroo Sartara Pattanagij (Luang Por Lamoon), of Wat Sadej in Patum Thani

12. Pra Kroo Kasem Dhamma Nanta (Luang Por Chaem), of Wat Don Yai Horm in Nakorn Pathom 13. Pra Kroo Suntara Wuttikun (Luang Por Put) of Wat Klang Bang Pra in Nakorn Pathom 14. Pra Kroo Thapanagij Suntorn (Sak Yant Master, Luang Por Pern) of Wat Bang Pra in Nakorn Pathom 15. Pra Kroo Kasem Navagij (Luang Por Tao) of Wat Go Wang Sai in Nakorn Pathom.

16. Pra Kroo Pipattana Wiriyaporn (Luang Por Phook) of Wat Pathom Chedi 17. Pra Kroo Wichai Prasittikun (Luang Por Chern) of Wat Koke Tong in Ayuttaya 18. Pra Kroo Putta Siriwatana (Luang Por Mian) of Wat Wat Po Geb Jao in Ayuttaya 19. Pra Kroo Sangwara samanagij (Luang Por Tim) of Wat Pra Khaw in Ayuttaya 20. Pra Kroo Kasem Kanaban (Luang Por Mee) of Wat Mara Wichai in Ayuttaya 21. Pra Kroo Wuboon Radtanagorn (Luang Por Wongs) of Wat sam Gor in Ayuttaya 22. Pra Kroo Suntorayagij (Luang Por La-iad) of Wat Pai Lom in Ayuttaya 23. Pra Kroo Opasa Dhamma Watra (Luang Por Luan) of Wat Pikul Sopana in Ayuttaya

24. Pra Kroo Suwattanaporn (Luang Por Bee) of Wat Dtamnak Nuea in Nontaburi 25. Pra Kroo Utai Dhamma Taree (Luang Por Seng) of Wat Pha Ma Fai in Prajinburi 26. Pra Kroo Bai Dtika Kloi (Luang Por Kloi) of Wat Tham Khao Ngern in Chumporn 27. Pra Kroo Samutra Pattana Sopana (Luang Por Tong Lor), of Wat Kan Lat in Samut Prakarn 28. Pra Kroo Garam (Luang Por Plab) of Wat Chai Klong in Pattalung 29. Pra Kroo Ga Chadti (Luang Por Bun Tong), of Wat Don sala in Pattalung 30. Pra Kroo Ga Derm (Luang Por Perm) of Wat Khien Gaew in Pattalung 31. Pra Ajarn Sri Ngern, of Wat Don sala in Pattalung 32. Luang Por Rit of Wat Ban Suan in Pattalung 33. Pra Ajarn Gaew of Wat Koke Done in Pattalung 34. Pra Ajarn Plord of Wat Hua Pha in Pattalung 35. Pra Racha Singha Kanajarn (Luang Por Pae) of Wat Pikul Tong in Singhburi 36. Pra Kroo Jidtanuraks (Luang Por Juan), of Wat Nong Sum in Singhburi 37. Pra Kroo Mettanu Sasana (Luang Por Bun Chuay) of Wat Kuti Tong in Singhburi 38. Pra Kroo Intakananusik (Luang Por Jek) of Wat Ranam, in Singhburi, and Pra Kroo Piboon Dhamma Waet (the Great Luang Por Prueang) of Wat Hiranyaram (Wat Bang Klan) in Pijit).