Luang Phu Tim Issarigo and his Amulets

Encyclopaedic work with the amulets of Luang Phu Tim Issarigo and his Biography. Luang Phu Tim Isarago, is of course not only one of the most highly acclaimed and sought after Guru Monks for his amulets, he is the holder of the highest esteem in Thai Buddhist amulet history for Pong Prai Kumarn powders. Luang Phu Tim, is Internationally Acclaimed, for his famous Pra Pong Prai Kumarn amulets, and Look Om powder balls. As to the classic ‘Rian’ type coin image amulets which have become all time favourites, and eternally, world famous classic amulets of the high end variety. His rian Jaroen Porn, Rian Huang Chueam, Rian Traimas, Rian Sema, Rian Pra Jao Thaksin, and Rian Nakprok are amongst the most highly sought after coin amulets of all.