Luang Por Jong of Wat na Tang Nork (Ayuttaya)

Pra Nang Kwak Ancient Amulet Brazen Statuette for Bucha of the Supawadii Beckoning Merchant’s Daughter, from the Great deceased Ayuttaya olden days master of olden times, LP Jong, of Wat Na Tang Nok.

Luang Por Jong, was one of the previous generation of attained Masters, of National and International Fame. The Mae Nang Kwak amulets of Luang Por Jong are considered amongst the top 5 Mae Nang Kwak amulets of all Masters, along with Luang Phu Bun (Wat Klang Bang Gaew), Kroo Ba Chum (Wat Wang Mui), Luang Por Te (Wat Sam Ngam), and Luang Por Im (Wat Hua Khao)

The Nang Kwak amulet of Luang Por Jong is an immensely rare acquisition for the true Devotee of Luang Por Jong, and an irresistible exhibit for any truly avid collector of this Master, and for those who seek the perfect amulet to increase their business earnings and customers, and improve their charm, business and social skills.